Angels Never Die 
by Gwendolyn S. McNutt 

A true story of love, loss and faith.

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I wrote "Angels Never Die" as a tribute to my four boys. I was blessed with six children; two girls and four boys. My two girls have grown into two beautiful young ladies. However, God had different plans for my four boys. "Angels Never Die" is the true story of my struggle to save our four boys from two different diseases. Two of the four boys suffered from Fanconi Anemia, one from Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome, and one of the boys suffered from both diseases. Through it all, my husband Henry and I fought through the demons to maintain our faith.  It is always difficult to understand why the Lord works the way He does, but we realize He has His reasons for everything. Understanding those reasons, and coping with His will, is the difficult part. My faith in God is never stronger. I believe my sons now walk with Him. In that belief I am at peace.

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